Review: Whisper If You Have To

Whisper cover FINAL 7-28-2014How can a life “look perfect on the outside (but) be full of turmoil and sorrow underneath?”

This nagging question haunts Alison Prescott as she starts her senior year in a new high school. Not only does she face a whole new world, but she must bear the weight of her parent’s expectations, rules and closely held secrets.

In strolls basketball star Chad Dourozette. . . .! The two are paired together for an English assignment. I so love their innocence. They are young and are experiencing strong feelings and emotions for the first time. Ms. Stallings develops this relationship gently and with such care. Nothing is rushed, including the thoughts and feelings of holding hands for the first time.

“His were the color of chocolate, deep, rich, decadent chocolate.” Ok, what girl wouldn’t swoon!
And Chapter 13!!!!!!!

In time, the weight of this secret becomes too heavy for Alison and she must confide in someone. . . Chad. Their bond strengthens as she quietly tells her story.

I know Alison’s story is one that Ms. Stallings herself has kept silent but I also know she has poured her heart and soul into every word. So I will BOLDLY stand up and shout. . . THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ!  — Farm Girl

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