First Chapter

You can now read the first chapter of every Staci Stallings’ Romance Novel.
Just click the link below to read the first chapter (or two) of each of the romance stories!

~ The Grace Series ~

Mirror Mirror

When I’m Weak

A Love Like This

Raising Attabury

~ The Friendship Series ~


The Easy Way Out 

~ The Courage Series ~

To Protect & Serve, Book 1

White Knight, Book 2

For Real, Book 3

~ The Harmony Series ~

Cowboy, Book 1

Lucky, Book 2

~ Single Titles ~

The Long Way Home

Whisper If You Have To

Coming Undone

If You Believed in Love

Deep in the Heart


The Price of Silence

~ The Faith Series ~

A Work in Progress, Book 1

A Little Piece of Heaven, Book 2

A Light in the Darkness, Book 3

~ The Dreams Series ~

Dreams by Starlight, Book 1

Reunion, Book 2

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