The Stories

Click the title to read more about each of the romance stories!

~ The Friendship Series ~


The Easy Way Out


~ The Courage Series ~

To Protect & Serve, Book 1

White Knight, Book 2

For Real, Book 3


 ~ The Harmony Series ~

Cowboy, Book 1

Lucky, Book 2


~ Single Titles ~

Whisper If You Have To

Coming Undone

If You Believed in Love

Deep in the Heart


The Price of Silence


~ The Faith Series ~

A Work in Progress, Book 1

A Little Piece of Heaven, Book 2

A Light in the Darkness, Book 3

~ The Dreams Series ~

Dreams by Starlight, Book 1

Reunion, Book 2

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One thought on “The Stories

  1. I read To Protect and serve. I must say I’ve read so many books for years but this was one of the sweetest written books. I loved the characters each telling their story. It’s always great when you find a new writer (to you) thank you.

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